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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We caught up with Digital Accelerator student Zack C. Barnett-Moxam to find out how he found the course...

1. What made you apply for the Digital Accelerator course?

I attended an event in Brighton on “What exactly is Digital?”, it was here I bumped into the warm-smiling Megan who was representing Creative Process and was there to advertise & encourage people to register for the Digital Accelerator.

What really helped me solidify my decision was hearing Megan’s journey and experience on the Digital Accelerator course and also about the other digital career opportunities the company have to offer.

2. What did you hope to gain from doing the course?

I already had a background in Digital Media, however when this opportunity came around I mainly wanted to know if my current skills still remained at the same level and I wanted to hone & develop new digital skills. Aside from that I would also have to say the idea of making connections and new friends in the process.

3. What have you achieved through the Digital Accelerator?

I have now achieved a Level 2 Diploma in Skills for Working in Digital Technology Industries. I am now work-ready, I have the ability to present in a professional environment and the physical & mental capability to learn and do something new every day.

4. Has the Digital Accelerator course helped you in your job search?

I am currently looking for an apprenticeship and I feel all the technical terms will come in handy. The newfound knowledge will not only benefit me in knowing what to do for myself in my own ideas & designs but it will also help me to understand the minds of other designers.

5. What would you say to someone who is interested in doing the course?

I would say do it! You have nothing to lose (and it is free). If there is one thing that this course allowed me to learn is that I was more capable than I had led myself to believe, merely noticed by having to take on different tasks whilst successfully simultaneously juggling others.

In my opinion, as well as getting work ready & gaining a valuable qualification, it is an experience that tests you and your willingness as it gives you an insight into the hectic environment of the digital world... so it is definitely something I would recommend, to get an idea or to completely knock away any fears you may harbour.

6. Sum up your Digital Accelerator experience in one sentence?

I will do one better and say one word: Rewarding.

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