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5 Tips For Storyboarding

A storyboard is a key tool which filmmakers use to create direction and structure to their projects.

Storyboards, for those who may not know, are a set of illustrations that show the plot and camera angles used within a film project. The goal is to give a film making team a clear vision and set of instructions on how the director wants the project to look and feel. No matter the size of your project or team, it is really useful to have a storyboard to hand to help keep you project on track.

Here are 5 tips on how to create a good storyboard.

1. Focus On The Story

Regardless of the type of project you are creating, every film needs a story line - a narrative to follow to grasp viewers.

Start by forming a script or timeline for your project, highlighting the main story elements that need to be covered. Think about the characters and how they will resolve any issues in their lives.

From here think about how this story will be shown visually including camera angles.

2. Don't Worry About Your Drawing Ability

Many people think that if you make a storyboard it has to contain beautiful piece of art. this isn't true.

Remember that first and foremost this is a tool for you to use, not a piece of art that you'll hang on your wall. If you feel like you can only draw stick figures and smiley faces, stick figures and smiley faces are perfect.

3. Make Sure Your Storyboard Is Accurate

Although your drawing skills don't have to be amazing you do have to make sure your goals and plans are clear. Make sure you have highlighted every shot and angle, you've hit every story point and it's clear for the whole team.

Take the time to communicate your idea and intentions with your team and check that they understand your storyboard. Then make sure everyone has a copy of the final document to hand.

4. Get Everything To Flow

With a storyboard, you don't just want to plan the shots you are going to use. You want to consider how the shots will transition and flow together to immerse the viewer in the piece.

5. Use Your Storyboard

It's really easy for creators to design a storyboard and then forget to use it.

Although it's good to be creative, remember that the storyboard is here to help you. It will make your project easier and help everyone know what's going on.

If you have a team, make sure everyone has a copy of the storyboard and keeps it on them when filming and editing. Also make sure they understand what is being asked for in the drawings so there isn't confusion later on.

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