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Hip-hip hooray to our completed October Digital Accelerator Group! 🌟

It’s been a pleasure working with this delightful and hardworking bunch on this month’s Digital Accelerator Course

We spoke to Federica one of our lovely students about her experience on the Digital Accelerator...

What did you hope to gain from doing the Digital Accelerator course?

This course has not only been useful to deepen my digital skills and re-approach the creative world after a very long time, but it has also represented the end of a dark period. Classes are structured in a way that allows participants to learn while practicing and time just flew.

What did you enjoy learning on the Digital Accelerator course?

I've learnt about design principles, I clarified some doubts about general job related skills, and completely fell in love with website design - which I hope to explore further in the future.

What would you say to someone who is interested in doing the course?

Go for it! It's been really awesome and amazing taking part in it and hanging out with such knowledgeable and nice tutors. Highly recommended. I'm really glad to have spent these 3 weeks with you guys

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