Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Matthew completed our DA and is now working for an online publication

What made you apply for the Digital Accelerator course?

The course was recommended to me by my university careers centre. At that point I was looking for work and had lots of free time available, so the course seemed like a great way utilise it and learn some practical skills for my CV that would help me find a job.

What did you hope to gain from doing the course?

I hoped to gain some practical digital and IT skills that would enhance my CV and employability, as well as gain an overview of some creative industry areas, specifically digital marketing.

How did the Digital Accelerator help you secure your job?

Some of the skills I learnt on the course, particularly those related to website-building and CMS, turned out to be highly desirable for a lot of employers and definitely helped me land my current job. The mock interview preparation we did also allowed me to present myself in a calm and professional manner while I was applying..

How has the Digital Accelerator course helped you in your job?

I use the website and CMS skills I learnt on the course every day in my current job, as I work for an online publication.

What would you say to someone who is interested in doing the course?

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has the free time and the drive to learn some new skills. The quality of the teaching and the comprehensiveness of the course are great, and it offers the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people. Plus, it's amazing that you can undertake such a great course for free.

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