Masterclass 1: 
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Net Natives is the student specialist marketing group who believe in providing student marketing with transformative potential. 


We believe in the power of education. It’s our mission to inspire more people to be the change in the world.

By harnessing the best strengths of human and machine intelligence - proprietary data and technology and provocative creativity and leadership - we deliver high performance solutions that fuel growth. We help our clients think bigger, take smarter risks, and make better decisions.


We’re proud of the fact that we’re independent - still a founder run organisation, and a global business that's helped over 300 institutions and brands recruit and attract students from over 150 different countries.


Based out of our HQ by the sea in Brighton, we now have offices in New York to support our partners in America, and an office in China, to give our partners across the world unparalleled impact in recruiting students. 

Steve Evans - Founder & CEO, Natives


Wednesday 22nd September 2021 4pm - 5:30pm


Lees House, Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3FE


**Please note you must be a University of Sussex student to attend one of these events**
Masterclass 2: 
Plus X transforms places. We create workspaces that unlock potential, drive business growth and innovation, community collaboration and positive social impact.

In partnership with specialist regeneration developer U+I, we will be launching Plus X hubs across the UK. We commit to deliver a positive social impact in every new Plus X location, working with our members, community, and government to help resolve local challenges. 

Plus X Brighton is a seven storey innovation hub that encompasses tailored business innovation programmes, specialist prototyping workshops, high-spec media suites and wellbeing benefits.
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Mat Hunter - Co-CEO, Plus X Brighton
Maddy Cooper - Founding Partner & CCO,
Brilliant Noise


  • Content created knowing there is a customer who will want to see it.

  • Data that inspires creative and convinces your business of the value of marketing.

  • Your team’s knowledge and skills constantly improve, reducing costs and lifting results.


The bottom line: marketing wins more often, with less waste and clear accountability.


By combining the strengths of a management consultancy and a creative agency, Brilliant Noise give clients the means to navigate the future. They help develop the skills, systems and behaviour to make marketing more relevant, and create the messages, methods and strategy to give it more impact.

Megan Gibbons - Sales and Marketing Executive, Brilliant Noise


Thursday 23rd September 2021 5pm - 7pm


Plus X Innovation Hub, Lewes Rd, Brighton BN2 4GL


**Please note you must be a University of Sussex student to attend one of these events**